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Wipe-Less UV Gel Seal Formula for Better Performance
The safe, full surface cure gel!
Staying ahead of the game is important and every so often new technology comes along and it’s time to evaluate how products are selling and performing. Since updating the formula in 2009, the UV gel seal has become a great seller! Thus the need of a professional size! All Season Nails has come out with a new 2.5oz professional size (in an ergonomical patented tilt bottle) of the UV Gel Seal. The new size is 5 times more product compared to other ˝ oz. brush-on formulas. The new formula still has the brilliant shine of a gel but is a thin viscosity brush-on polish formula!
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Glitz Holiday Nails! Rapido Soak Off UV Gel Master Kit 8 Shades of Island Hopping in One Simple Kit
Add a simply irresistible sparkle to your clients’ nails. Just in time for the holidays, All Season Nails has unveiled a new Kaleidoscope Glitter Soak Off UV Gel color collection. This new 8-piece collection can be worn alone as full coverage sparkle or applied thinly as effects over any Soak Off UV Gel of your choice. This one kit can make hundreds of new original shades the possibilities are endless!
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Soak Off UV Gel manicure and pedicures are becoming one of the most asked for services in salons today. Soak Off UV Gel is a great alternative to a picture perfect polished look! The gels last weeks longer than traditional polish. The gel coat shrink-wraps itself around the nail, giving it a coating that is strong yet flexible and gives nails an overlay topcoat with less chipping or peeling.
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Island hopping made easy! All Season Nails is releasing a new tropical inspired collection of Rapido Soak Off UV Gels that are perfect for any time for any time of the season! The new Island Hop Collection will treat your tips like an island paradise of fun! The UV gels are great for busy woman on-the-go or cost-conscience clients.
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